13 January 2018

By the time you have reached the ages of 20,30 or 40 and higher you have experienced lots. Good, bad and ugly stuff. You have done well surviving many traumas, deceptions, insecurities, rejections, conditionings and programmings. You have done so well in coping with it all and you have probably found a default way to protect yourself from the hurt.

My way of surviving has been to create a safe world for myself, mostly far away. Or to withdraw myself from certain situations or people.

Yet as we grow and develop ourselves we all need upgrades on our programming. Getting rid of what no longer works for you. Getting clarity of old (family) patterns that are no longer working for you. Allowing in vulnerability, softness and acceptance. Bringing the areas where you still self-sabotage into your awareness. Being conscious of our own blind spots. As you do that you’ll experience life in a different way and can see the part you have had more clearly. And yes, it does take work and courage.

However, you don’t need to do this on your own. Find a professional who can hold space for you to explore, clear and heal or find a tool that can support you. The results are priceless.

I invite you to step out of your cage, into the new with courage.