‘Jackie, Thanks a lot for the session last Friday. Very relaxing and allowing to go deep down. I also enjoyed the positive energy that was in the room but most of all, I loved the fact that I could approach some deeper areas of myself, enjoyable or a bit more painful. Those exercises opened the path for even better.
I will definitively join again…

11 November 2016, Pop-Up Light Grids Meditation in Amsterdam

‘Jackie’s coaching is not only practical but she also has the intuitive ability to take you to a higher awareness of who you really are and what it is you want to go for to live the life of your dreams’.

Coaching 121 and Small Group Coaching Circles

‘Through her inspiring coaching sessions Jackie Delgado showed me how to focus on what really matters and helped me overcome my restraint in choosing my only right path – meeting Jackie was a true gift from the universe!’

Coaching 121 and Small Group Coaching Circles

‘Fun and professional with clear structure, clear paths and progress and we were able to feel the results nearly immediately.’

“The pop-up meditation with Jackie was far beyond meditation. It was a deep-dive into your soul. It was a way to ease hidden tension from the past, present, and future. It’s great for everyone —
from beginners to experts. After a warm welcoming, I felt connected with the class immediately. A big thank you to Jackie for making everyone feel welcomed, connected, and open. With Jackie’s guided meditation, I was able to slow my mind down and truly appreciate the present moment.”



Pop-Up Meditation 16 February 2018

‘Jackie is a natural leader and knows exactly how to guide and structure the sessions’.

‘The Group coaching session has given me an enormous sense of belonging because I could connect deeply with people who are also on their journey of personal development’.

Jackie Delgado gives powerful sessions in which the client can feel totally safe going into deep painful topics. She holds the space in full heart presence and awareness of the client. With clarity she guides you through the different steps. During the sessions she transmits strength and softness in balance. She nails empathically and with astounding clarity the inner process of the client. Her focus stays on the empowerment of the person on every level. She uses the learned tools with eloquence. After every session i felt inspired and empowered to follow my soul steps. She is a strong fully present lighthouse while giving the session in a perfect timing. I felt a great support working with her. Great work i was gifted to receive.
Diana de Ramón-Rius y Braun

Light Grids Practitioner – Exchange sessions peer group 2016

‘I want to thank you for hosting the ‘light grids’ meditation event.
It was a powerful experience I connected with my body and mind, and for the first time that deeply! Clearing all the negative energy has resulted in me feeling more positive, focused, and energetic.
I felt at peace, and was able to let go of past emotional pain, as well as forgive myself.
I feel empowered, conscious, and aware of my intention.
I would recommend this experience to anyone who has not shared it so that they too can connect with their inner self.
I would love to see you in your next London event, and until then I will keep practicing, and meditating.
Thank you.’

30 October 2016, Pop-Up Light Grids Meditation in London

‘Your coaching has been very valuable to me, professionally as well as personally and I have grown a lot. Your approach has been adapted to my personal needs and this is where you’ve made the difference. Your techniques and professionalism are great assets.’


Coaching 121 and Small Group Coaching Circles

‘Jackie gives each person enough room to feel heard and she guards that you only share with the group what feels appropriate and safe to you’.