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What are Light Grids ©

Light Grids healing technique is a new means of Spiritual and Physical Clarity brought into this world by Damien Wynne. Through connecting with the body, mind and spirit through visualisations, meditations and by bringing in frequencies we allow the subconscious mind to bring up what needs to be healed in your system.

It clears layers of past traumas, pain, fears, blocked emotions, mental and emotional patterns caused through life’s experiences in an effective, significant and respectful way. It allows clients to take back their power and responsibility leaving them free of programmes and fears that were blocking them from their fulllest potential. Thus allowing them to come more in alignment with their core and higher selves.

With the Light Grids healing technique we create space in body, mind and spirit to release, process and transform these old belief systems without going back into the story. It brings a sense of relief, space, freedom, clarity, love, understanding and so much more. During this process you’ll feel you are taking back your own power and you’ll really feel connected to your core.