I am so ecstatic about my next event that will take place on Saturday 3 September 2016. It is going to be awesome. I am bringing in lots of new teachings and techniques. You’ll be amazed how you can shift in just one afternoon. If this talks to you please join me. The special early bird price ends 31 July 2016 so make sure you buy your tickets on time.

You can buy your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/be-free-workshop-series-by-jackie-connected-authentic-tickets-26504586933

Please find further details below.

Do you feel you have lost the connection with yourself, with who you really are?

Is life overwhelming you with all other priorities that come before taking care of yourself first?

What would have to change for you to be truly authentic?

Are you dismissing your authentic inner voice?

Do you often ask yourself why you are not where you would like to be in life?

In what areas of your life are you sabotaging yourself?


How would it be to learn how to connect with your body, and how to reclaim parts of you that you lost along the way?

Do you know you can let go and clear your limiting beliefs on body, mind and spirit level?

Imagine how would it feel to really live authentically?


Are you ready to clear and heal stuff that is standing in your way to real and authentic transformation?


I invite you to step into the most expansive, powerful, creative, fun, loving version of you by clearing and letting go of limiting belief systems on body, mind and spirit level that no longer serve you.


Join me at my next theme workshop:


Connected + Authentic


There are so many emotions, memories and other information stored in our body and energy fields that we are not aware of on conscious level.

Besides the interactive parts and group dynamics during this workshop I shall hold space for each individual one of you and guide you through deep meditations to access these layers using Light Grids ™ healing technique.

We shall heal and release stuff that is standing in your way to real and authentic transformation.

Let us bring that new energy in and expand your consciousness even further.


You’ll learn:

  • how to feel connected with your body, mind and spirit
  • how to find your authentic voice
  • how to make self-love your first priority
  • how to show up in your life
  • how to get into your zone
  • how to do an energy audit
  • how to connect with your inner self and strengthen your divine connection
  • and so much more.


You’ll find exactly what you need to hear and feel and you’ll know how to implement these new insights into your life here and now. You’ll leave with so much more space and to make transformational soul shifts.


I found the right venue to host my events in an intimate and elegant setting. The seats are limited as I find it paramount to hold the space for all attendees.


Date:             Saturday 3 September 2016


Time:              13:00 – 17:00 CET with several breaks


Venue:           Great Spaces, Commelinstraat 2, 1093 VD Amsterdam


Other info:      Coffee/Water/Tea/Snacks included. The final part of the workshop will be a healing session. Feel free to bring your yoga mat (or meditation cushion/bolster), you might want to lie down for the deeper meditations. The workshop will be in English (with translation in Dutch if needed). And there will be a beautiful goodie bag.


Investment:    Introduction fee starts as from EUR 66 (early bird until 31 July 2016) and there is a limited amount of Diamond packages available including an exclusive 1:1 session and front row seating.

Buy your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/be-free-workshop-series-by-jackie-connected-authentic-tickets-26504586933



What attendees said about the last event:


‘This was an enlightening experience and I am really glad to have met lovely people

and share a deeply connected afternoon with them.’


‘What a great workshop – it seems to open up quite a lot and is still resonating…’


‘What an awesome afternoon of me-time, Jackie. It was absolutely great to experience and

to be reminded how to connect and create that moment of stillness to see where I am and

who I am. I appreciated the group dynamics in between nice and interesting people.

Is was extremely informative to experience this together. The meditations created more space, freedom, free expansive spaces, loved it. What you put your attention on grows and I am growing again. Thank you for your guidance on this path. See you again in September, I am definitely attending the next workshop. ‘


With Love, Jackie