25 February 2018


Do you know what your go to behaviour is when you feel hurt?

How do you react when you feel hurt, not seen, insecure, not enough etc.

There is a wide range of emotions that may come up: jealousy, fear, anger, rage, manipulation, personal attack and other toxic feelings. Mostly these are projected onto the person who triggered you. Your most ugly side might come out or you might feel sorry for yourself and go into a victim role.

Guess what, this side of you stems from your emotional wounds that still need some more work.

These wounds will keep popping up in your life. And many teachers will show you the same topic. It is only when you decide to open up and show up in a brutally honest and authentic way it can be cleared and healed. Feel the fear and do it anyway. See it as an opportunity for growth.

It does take courage and you’ll have to put in the work to clear and release these patterns you no longer need. All of it relates to you. No more hiding and time for serious action.

Your ego will try to protect you by not taking responsibility and will justify your often erratic and childish behaviour. Besides, your hurt Inner Child is activated.

The next time you find yourself in a situation where you are triggered. Try to react completely different and observe yourself. What is really happening?

If you feel bothered by your own behaviour it might be the right time to find a new approach. Find whatever works for you. You might want to consider working with someone else on this as it is hard to see and accept your own shadows.

I have had excellent results with my clients in clearing and healing their emotional wounds that stem from the ages 0-16 years. It is so liberating and brings you so much closer to living your purpose.

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