You can decide on your purpose and mission, you can decide what it is you want and why you want it, you can dream, you can make plans, you can set goals, you can join yet another programme. However, until you get to the core of the emotions, experiences and the reasons why you are not where you want to be, why you are not doing what you want, why you are being held back. Until you get clarity of what it is that is holding you back, until you acknowledge what it is, that dream of yours is going to stay away.

Sometimes we need to dig deeper. Your belief system that is holding you back has found a deeper place in your being and you might not be aware of it. You don’t need to go back into the story of why it’s there. You are here to bring it up and clear it now.

I help people to experience an easier life by working on their belief systems at root level. With my help, they shift into alignment with their deepest truths and are able to finally see their authentic higher selves and their brilliance.

I take my clients on an immersive journey that clears layers of past traumas, pain, fears, blocked emotions caused through life’s experiences. It allows them to take back their power and responsibility leaving them free of programmes and fears that were blocking them from their fulllest potential.

As a result they can operate from a place of more power and energy allowing them to confidently live their dream. They fearlessly show up in the world in bigger, bolder and brighter ways and enjoy their lives more fully with passion.

Alongside my extensive experience as a Life Coach I am also an advanced Light Grids Therapist (trained by Damien Wynne).

Through my work as Life Coach I have realised there are many tools working on the limiting beliefs, however there are very few that resolve them in a sustainable way.

People no longer need to live a limited life. There is no need to keep working on the same issues over and over again and having them pop up again when you least expect it.

I love to empower my clients and people in general who are committed to put in the work. I find it so rewarding to lighten people up and see them shine again.

I love to work with clients who are committed to address and challenge their beliefs at core level. People who have already done quite some personal development work and who are ready to step it up further.

Excellence is my bottom line and I bring this to my work. I am determined to get the desired results and will continue until we get there. I want my clients to feel safe and to have fun. I love to connect different worlds and my core values are: Authenticity, Clarity, Simplicity, Fun and Style.

So my question would be. Are you ready to really go for it? If you are serious please do get in touch with me, I would love to work with you.

What are Light Grids ©

Light Grids healing technique is a new means of Spiritual and Physical Clarity brought into this world by Damien Wynne. Through connecting with the body, mind and spirit through visualisations, meditations and by bringing in frequencies we allow the subconscious mind to bring up what needs to be healed in your system.

It clears layers of past traumas, pain, fears, blocked emotions, mental and emotional patterns caused through life’s experiences in an effective, significant and respectful way. It allows clients to take back their power and responsibility leaving them free of programmes and fears that were blocking them from their fulllest potential. Thus allowing them to come more in alignment with their core and higher selves.

With the Light Grids healing technique we create space in body, mind and spirit to release, process and transform these old belief systems without going back into the story. It brings a sense of relief, space, freedom, clarity, love, understanding and so much more. During this process you’ll feel you are taking back your own power and you’ll really feel connected to your core.