Happy October! I hope you are doing well.

It is time for an update from my side. The past month has flown by.

I kick-started it with my own event Connected + Authentic. It was a very special event and lots of trauma clearing and deep healing took place.

I have noticed that the more I grow the more space I can hold for the groups I work with. I am so grateful for that and there is so much more to come.

Over the past 20 years I started on my personal development and spirituality path. Exploring it all in different forms. From intuition training, Reiki Master, Magnified Healing to attending events run by Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and so many more. I am an eternal student and I also took on trading (not my thing) and public speaking. Great learnings, however getting in touch with Light Grids really changed my life. First by receiving it as a client. I was wowed that issues I had long ago worked on still popped up and I was deeply touched. And then the clearing and healing took place creating space, peace and bringing deeper insights. It was a no-brainer for me to sign up for the Light Grids Practitioner year training, which I’ll conclude in 2 months time. And I have decided to sign up for the Light Grids Teachers training as well. I am so excited.

I just came back from Berlin 2 weeks ago where I had a Light Grids training weekend. The work keeps expanding as well and this time we worked on Light Grids healing in the Quantum Field. The Quantum Field is an invisible field of information that exists beyond time and time and space and gives life to all of things. And what worked fantastic as well was to focus on the first and second chakra and fortify them to their full strengths.

Light Grids healing is for everyone who is called to it. Your soul will know it. For some it helps to open them up emotionally of that what has been shut down after traumatic life events. And from there you decide how deep you would like to go. Others will only want to receive the relaxation part or are curious.

Some are still fearful to open their hearts and surrender on a deeper level. I also honour the opening up will come at the right moment. Maybe after being fed up about the same patterns that keep you stuck in your life.

All attendees will receive what they most need at that moment.

I want to make the Light Grids more access-able to all who feel this might help them getting beyond that point of being stuck. An extraordinary experience to really make that shift in an empowering and enlightening way.

I see many friends who work in the personal development area and do great work, however many of them cannot go beyond that point of that whatever is blocking them to take full ownership and make a sustainable shift. I also see the downside of the personal development world. Many teachers are not in it in an authentic way, they allow their students to hang onto them and giving them pieces of the puzzles so they will be back for more expensive programmes or their approach is not professional.

If you keep working on the superficial levels you’ll keep being triggered back to square one. I want to hold space for my clients and teach them to connect to their core and source to access their own clearing and self-healing mechanisms. There is a higher consciousness to wake up to.

I am working on a new concept where I’ll organise small group Pop-up Light Grids meditation sessions in different venues starting in Amsterdam on 11/11/2016. Details will follow shortly.

And there is a full day event in 2017 coming up as well. Great and bright things are happening.


Much love,