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My name is Jackie Delgado. I am a Life Strategist, Light Grids© Therapist, Speaker, Facilitator and Mentor. I connect individuals and professionals with their authentic potential so they can design a meaningful life and career in an empowering way.

I help people to experience an easier life by working on their belief systems at root level. With my help, they shift into alignment with their deepest truths and are able to finally see their authentic higher selves and their brilliance.

I take my clients on an immersive journey that clears layers of past traumas, pain, fears, blocked emotions caused through life’s experiences. It allows them to take back their power and responsibility leaving them free of programmes and fears that were blocking them from their fulllest potential.

Excellence is my average and I also bring that into my work. I am determined to get the desired results and will continue until we get there. I want my clients to feel safe and to have fun. I love to connect different worlds and my core values are: Authenticity, Clarity, Simplicity, Fun and Style.

My approach is from the heart, personal, intuitive, thoroughly, hands-on, challenging and at times confrontational. I can pinpoint the area where my clients are holding back, connect with it and shift it into transformational, lasting and life changing breakthroughs. This allows them to operate from a place of more power and energy and living their lives in a confident way.

So my question to you would be: are you ready on-board with me on a life-changing, transformative journey back to you?

With love,


‘My life’s work is about reaching my full potential and leading other people to do the same.’

Jackie is also an international, multilingual high level PA and consultant with extensive experience, dedicated to delivering results by taking detailed care of C-suite executives so they can further excel in their business. Both a strategist and focused on getting things done. Known for a pragmatic business sense and for bringing sharp insights and solutions to complex problems. Strong in connecting at all levels, highly responsible, determined, charming, transforming ideas into actions and setting excellence as her average. Jackie has worked in Kenya, Spain and in the Netherlands.

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Coaching is dynamic and very much dealing with the here and now. It for instance helps to improve your effectiveness and performance and helps you achieve your full potential.

I deeply care about people and I am committed to help raise their consciousness in a way that improves their quality of life.

I support my clients (and organisations) in giving them practical tools, challenging ideas, resources, insights etc. One of my strengths is that I can pinpoint what approach works best for whom in creating sustainable breakthroughs.

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‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’ Albert Einstein


Jackie has many stories to tell about her own personal development journey, international experiences, working as a high-level Personal Assistant to CEO’s and so much more.

Jackie has a unique, energetic, fun and elegant way to engage the audience in an interactive way and taking them along to learn and grow as she speaks.  She loves to share and inspire with clear language, examples that the audience can identify with and tips and tricks that can be implemented immediately. Her keynotes are packed with powerful ways to propel your audience to the next level in personal life, business and beyond.

Jackie can design, structure and customise a unique programme to meet the specific goals and needs for the audience. This can be for a room full of entrepreneurs, women business owners or supports staff. Jackie motivates, empowers and inspires each audience. Please contact her for further information.

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Building a Team of Excellence


‘Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.’ Anthony Robbins


‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’ Albert Einstein

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